Electoral College Essay

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Dissolving the electoral college and instituting a voting system where every citizen’s vote count, could allow for third party members to finally have a strong chance of being a primary candidate for election. This may allow America’s voice to be heard better if everyone had a say in the election. For the most part, Americans have only two choices the primary, Democrat and the Primary Republican, but without the electoral college a lesser candidate that might not be backed with a substantial amount of monetary wealth could win. Finally, a state may be Republican or Democratic, but there are still citizens voting against the majority in the state. Those citizens don’t have say as of right now, but if the electoral college was done away with…show more content…
In Schlesinger’s article, how to Reform the Electoral College, he states “Since direct elections have obvious democratic appeal and since few Americans understand the Electoral College anyway, its abolition seems a…show more content…
According to Posner, “The Electoral College restores some of the weight in the political balance that large states lose by virtue of the mal-apportionment of the Senate decreed in the Constitution” (Posner). Although the electoral college does prevent some states from having too much power, it also gives immense power to other states, such as Texas, Florida, and California. Another concern for people that support the electoral college is that it helps control swing states from having too much pull. Despite some states having a stronger pull in the voting system, switching to a popular voting system would negate the swing state concept and help each individual citizen proclaim in own political believes, despite the state he/she lives in. William discusses the 2008 election and states, “It 's time for a national popular vote. Both the Mitt Romney and Barack Obama campaigns have been myopically focused on nine so-called swing states. These are states in which neither candidate is comfortably ahead, and campaigns are devoting almost all of their attention, visits, and money to winning them” (Williams). The electoral college needs to be done away with so that certain states don’t have forced attention based on their
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