Electoral College: The Best Way To Elect The Next President

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The Electoral College is here and here to stay because it's a great way to elect the most powerful man in the country. It's a fair way to elect the next President because the people elect the electors of your state. Which anyone really can be an elector, besides from the members of Congress, and the candidate that wins the most votes becomes the next President. So now think of a better way to elect your next President, which there isn't. The Electoral College is the best way to pick the president.

The Electoral College should protect people's vote for the next president, but mostly favor protecting slave states. In Document #1 “Alexander Hamilton- Federalist #68” it clearly states that the Electoral College should. Protect voting & the process from disorder, it also states that they keep the wrong people from being their state’s Elector. These two things are very important for the fact that one, someone with misbeliefs for no good reason goes
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According to Census, smaller states usually have less in population but yet seem to have more Electoral votes. Then States that are bigger and more populated, a Pre-Election prediction should not change. Anyones mind on voting or not because they're not always right, like in the 2016 election. The Polling factories failed to predict the next president, the Polling factories predicted a thirty percent chance on Donald Trump winning which obviously turned out incorrect.

Although anything can happen in the future like a possibility of establishing a new way of. Electing the next President and Vice President, etc, but until then the Electoral College will be here to stay. Because it's the best way/process to elect the President and Vice President. Due to all of its pros and cons, the history of the process, how long it has lasted. It as well is fair and benefits the people due to the First
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