Electric Cars History

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Electric Cars were introduced more than a century ago. The significant growth and development in the world has led to an increase in transportation, vehicles were in great demand which led to an increase in pollution and other environmental problems. It was in the 1970’s that saw an urgent need for alternative fuelled vehicles so as to reduce the problems of exhaust emission from vehicle’s internal engines.

Even though electric cars being introduced more than a century ago, the popularity of the car is increasing today due to the many reasons as before. Be it a hybrid car, plug-in hybrid or all electric, the demand for the autonomous vehicle will continue to rise.

Most importantly, the overall impact of the electric car will
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Over the next few years, electric vehicles from different automakers began to pop up in the USA. New York City had a fleet of more than 60 taxis which were electric taxis. By this time, America had cars which were available in steam, gasoline and electric versions becoming popular. Late 1890’s were a turning point for electric cars in America as they outsold all other types of cars.
By the early 1910’s, electric cars became costly as compared to the gasoline cars which led to a decline in the electric car. By 1920’s the roads in America developed which connected the cities and people wanted to explore. There was a discovery of Texas Crude Oil and so gas became cheap and easily available for rural Americans while gas filling station popped up across the country. This led to a fall in the electric cars.

In the 1960’s and early 1970’s, oil prices started increasing and there was gasoline shortage along with the 1973 Arab Oil Embargo. Due to this, the U.S.A. lost interest in importing oils and started having interest in finding sources of fuel within the nation. The government took note of this and passed Act’s that supports research and development in electric and hybrid vehicles. Around the same period, many automakers started exploring alternative fuel vehicles including electric
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Even though electric cars were popular, consumers faced problems in charging their vehicle mid-way. The Energy Department had a look into the matter and through the Recovery Act, they invested more than $115 million in building charging infrastructure in the entire nation. They also installed more than 18,000 residential, commercial and public chargers across the nation. The automakers and other private businesses also installed their own chargers at important locations in the country. Currently, there are more than 20,000 public electric vehicle charging outlets in more than 8000 different
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