Advantages And Disadvantages Of Gasoline Cars

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Cars have advanced a substantial level during the 21st century; the technological improvements that have been displayed in cars have led them to be the prime source of transportation. As we are growing, technology is evolving along the way as they have developed electric cars to benefit the earth and its atmosphere as gasoline cars harm the earth with the pollution that it causes. These two different types of cars are diverse in all the ways possible. Henceforth, there are a myriad of factors a consumer would encounter when choosing to purchase either of the two choices available based on; economical, environmental and location factors. There are certain economical advantages and disadvantages in the decision on either purchasing an electric…show more content…
For example, living in the United States of America. A consumer would be more persuaded to purchase an electric car as they have several charging poles on each block where as Lebanon for instance, there is not enough electricity to keep a home going let alone consist of an electric car charger. On the other hand, gasoline cars do not face this issue and therefore consumers internationally are attracted more towards gasoline cars due to their extreme convenience. A person in Lebanon would not be gravitated towards purchasing an electric car due to the lack of charging poles and high up keep. In contrary, in America it would be cheaper to handle and maintain an electric car due to the services the country provides.
All in all, there are arrays of factors that play a key role in purchasing either of the two vehicles based on economical, environmental and location factors. Electric and gasoline cars have many similarities and differences. Both these cars can come off as either advantageous or disadvantageous based on how the person perceives the different aspects of the cars. Both cars consume energy in different ways and harm the environment in their own ways. Both vehicles diverse in prices that justify their features, which emphasize their different qualities thus helping consumers, make their

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