Electric Motorized Wheelchair Essay

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Disability is indeed a multifaceted and dynamic construct, something which cannot be fully understood in isolation. There is no universally accepted definition of disability as illustrated by the World Health Organization’s primary definitions, which were in large part devised by doctors. Electric motorized wheelchair generally uses analog based joystick control for the driving the wheelchair motor. Such conventional analog based techniques are proven to problems because of variability in parametric value of analog components due to temperature variations etc. By saying something about to a work room guided by World Health Organization, nearly every one person in fifty is in pain or troubled from paralysis needing payment to damaging of…show more content…
GUI of the android application have the facility to control the direction of the wheelchair and it has the provision to control electrical home appliances using radio frequency concept. System design uses IOIO board which contains a single MCU that acts as a USB host and interprets commands from an android application. Pin 31 and pin 33 of IOIO board are used as PWM output which is given to DC motor driver MD30C and pin 32 and pin 34 are used as direction control pins. Output of the DC drive is fed to two DC drive to move the wheelchair in different direction. For forward movement of the wheelchair both DC motor are rotated in forward direction. For reverse movement of the wheelchair both DC motor are rotated in reverse direction. For left movement of the wheelchair left motor is rotated in backward direction and right motor in forward direction. For right movement right motor is rotated in reverse direction and left motor in forward direction.IR module is used to trigger relays which are used to turn on and off the home appliances. The limitation is user needs to keep the finger on the button continuously, when released wheelchair will stops

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