Electric Vehicles Research Paper

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In the industry of automobiles, electric vehicles are a new emerging concept. Different automobile companies have modeled their cars with different specifications. We have those companies that have designed proactive vehicles that use only electricity. We have companies that design hybrid cars which run on both gas and electricity. Existing brands of electric cars include Chevrolet Volt, Model S Tesla, Nissan Leaf and Ford Focus. These vehicles have revolutionized the motor vehicle sphere because they are environmental friendly. It is important to note that vehicles release toxic carbon emissions into the atmospheric environment which in turn lead to pollution. Thus, to help curb this menace, electric vehicles should be part of our future. …show more content…

From this popularity, manufacturers have continued to make improvements in order to give rise to the most appropriate models. As a result, different electric vehicle model types which are unique and autonomous have been birthed. Today, individuals could get customized electric vehicles reflecting their tastes, preferences and needs. Electric vehicles have undergone rigorous safety tests just like the other vehicles powered by fuel. As such, the cars have been designed in such a way that in the event of an accident, airbags will burst open cutting out the supply of electric power from the source at the battery. Therefore, the vehicle can never burn up in flames. And in this way, passengers are safeguarded against injuries or even death. The costs for the maintenance of electric cars are very low. The engines of electric cars are powered by electricity. This means that individuals do not need to do lubrication for the engines. Electricity is a clean form of energy and as such, the expensive procedure of paying for checkups of engines has been cast down the cesspits of history. The car does not need frequent service as is the case with the common fuel …show more content…

Electric cars do not virtually produce any sound. Pedestrians use both sound and vision to cross roads. And as such, silent vehicles can cause accidents. Even drivers of gasoline powered vehicles could ram into silent electric cars. Most electric cars are two seaters. It is quite unfortunate that most electric vehicles cannot accommodate a whole family. The lack of a seat for the third or even fourth person is a great disadvantage. Unless this is looked into, it will be the reason many people will shy away from electric cars. The cost for replacement of batteries. By default, batteries for electric cars are supposed to be replaced between 2 to 10 years. But on the basis of personal use, the batteries may need to be changed quite frequently. This may prove to be costly. Using electric vehicles in cities with a short supply of power is an insurmountable and heinous task. Electric cars need enough power to charge hence if individuals were to own electric vehicles in a city where supply of power is inadequate, it could mean distraction of the normal activities in the

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