Electric Vehicles: A Case Study

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1786 saw the first steam powered automobile capable of transporting humans. This technology has advanced drastically over the past 250 years. The automobiles of today are far more refined, sophisticated, efficient and luxurious machines that have evolved along all lines. This drive train which started with steam engines has now adapted to various other fuel sources such as gasoline, diesel, hybrid, biofuel and electricity. This week's post is going to be on electric vehicles.
Electric Vehicles have been around for the same time as The Statue of Liberty. Electric cars were not viable until 1859 because rechargeable batteries weren`t strong enough to run cars. Thomas Parker, the man responsible for electrifying the London Underground invented the first practical production electric car in 1884 using the lead-acid batteries invented by Gaston Plante .
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Electric motors give instant torque, creating strong and smooth acceleration and are much more efficient than IC engines.
Electric cars has established its place in the automobile markets of many countries across the globe. China saw 54000 electric cars registered in 2014, a growth of 120%, The US grew 69% to hit 290,000 total electric cars, Japan grew 45% to hit 110,000 electric cars and the overall global electric car market saw a growth of 76%. However, these big numbers figure only as a small fraction in the global automobile

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