Electrical Energy: The Negative Effects Of Electrical Power Plants

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A long time ago, people lived in harmony with nature. By using the natural resources modestly, they lived in accordance with nature laws. But the civilization development, growing population on earth and the industrial revolution, results in humankind domination over nature, and produce unseen technological and economical progress that has negative environmental impact. Besides the technological advancement, mother earth still suffers and loses her potentials. Man of today is faced with enormous environmental problems which creator is he and only he. Man is victim of his own technological prosperity. This progress needs more and more energy, especially electrical. Electrical energy can be produced in different types of power plants, such as coal and fossil fuel plants, nuclear, hydro, wind and solar plants. Furthermore, the usage of power plants is very contradictory because on the one hand, it satisfies the increasing humankind’s needs for electrical power, but on the other hand, the manufacturing output harms the environment. So, which power plant generates larger amount of needed electrical energy and has most negative environmental influence and why? We have the responsibility to minimize that negative impact on the environment and people should produce electrical energy with renewable power plants. . According to the level of negative influence on environment, generally there are three groups of electrical power plants. The first group consists of thermo power plants

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