Electrical Engineering Motivation Letter

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Motivation Letter
I have always believed in a life with a purpose and in looking forward to get the best out of life.
Right from the school I had a penchant towards Mathematics, Science and research in general. This led me to take Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry as my major subjects in Matriculation. My innate strength has been my quantitative and analytical abilities which instilled in me a special interest for Mathematics and Physics. I scored 90% in Mathematics and Physics in Matriculation Exams 2006. While studying the introduction to Electrical systems in Physics, I discovered my innate interest in the digital world. When I passed the HSS exams, I wasn’t burdened by what path to choose, Electrical Engineering had already been chosen
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To achieve this, I would be interested in gaining exposure to the cutting edge technologies in the area of Electrical Engineering. Being a dynamic and ever evolving field, many new developments are expected and there is immense scope for new applications. It is only after careful consideration of my interests and aptitude while pursuing my under graduate studies that I have decided to pursue my masters in Electrical Engineering with specialization in Electronics and Wireless Communication. The distinguished faculty and excellent facilities at Tampere University of Technology (TUT) make its graduate program ideally suited to my goals. The flexibility of the curriculum will give me the broad-based education I need to widen the scope of my knowledge and skills. In addition, this programme aims to provide me the expertise needed to pursue a challenging career in today 's high-tech business sector, academia or a broad range of other job opportunities. This programme with impressive research facilities will provide me with a solid understanding of the fundamental facts and theories that support our engineering solutions today and in the future. I am aware of the high standards of academics and path breaking research set by Tampere University of Technology (TUT) and it will be a privilege to be a part of…show more content…
My future research plan includes to develop efficient source and channel coding, Modulation, RF system design and cost effective embedded systems and their reconfigurable functionality on FPGA for Telecommunication. Electronics and wireless communication systems have so many challenges to deal with like path loss, fading, shadowing, timing synchronization etc. but the most important issue is limited wireless spectrum so its efficient usage is compulsory. All of these issues require proper attention before

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