Electrical Engineering Purpose

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Statement of Purpose
Applicant: Abhinav Kondaru
Course: Electrical Engineering

“Hard-work and Determination are stepping stones for Success”

I have always been influenced by these words which formed the basic abilities which I can be able to look in myself. Hard-working and deterministic is the way to achieve the goals. This is what I believe in. And have always followed the same.

Since my childhood I have always been influenced with electronic toys and gadgets. When I was little child out of interest I used to dismantle the electronic toys to know the actual way of how does it work. It was then in my 8’th when I actually found my real interests towards electronics when I actually participated in a event conducted in the school where I
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The same hard-work and a deterministic attitude have always kept me at the top in academics. I have scored 89.5% in tenth where I scored 98 out of 100 in sciences. And the same work I continued to do during my intermediate and was successful in achieving a percentage of 83.9%, these impressive scores have helped me to obtain a seat in Electronics and Communications Engineering from Marri Laxman Reddy Institute of Technology and Management. It has always been my wish to obtain a seat in electronics branch which I succeeded to…show more content…
It was in the same Engineering study that I was able to attain a better practicality nature and a better way of approach towards the subject. I am thankful to my entire faculty who has guided me well in the process. I always have tried to keep myself updated with the latest happenings around the world related to electronics. It was during my engineering course where I found that my main point of interest lies in Very Large Scale Integrated Circuits. During these semesters I was successful in understanding the aspects which really holds electronics as the heart of technology. Every aspect related to its creation kept me amazed and interested. These sheer interests have leaded me to concentrate more on these parts which paved a path for me to obtain good scores. I was able to obtain a total of 72.7% up to my Third year second semester. Subjects like Electronic Devices and Circuits, Signals and Systems, Integrated Circuit applications have deeply interested me which became a reason for me to attain 80% plus marks in these subjects. I always was good at grasping things and due to the ability to view things practically have made me capable of achieving good scores. I always have concentrated on relating theoretical aspects with practical work which made it more vivid to understand the subject.

Coming to my mini-project, it was about finding a solution to eradicate the excessive use
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