Electrical Engineering: The Field Of Computer Engineering

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Electrical engineering is a field in engineering that involves the study of electronics, electricity and electromagnetism. Electrical engineering has subdivided into other fields such as telecommunication, power engineering, control system, signal processing, microelectronics, computer engineering and digital computing. These fields have conjoined with other engineering fields and formed other fields such as mechatronics, electrochemistry, nanotechnology, hardware engineering and microwave engineering. In this essay, the major point of discussion is on computer engineering. Therefore, computer engineering is a great topic of discussion due to the increasingly large number of people using computers on a global platform and the growing technology.…show more content…
Moreover, computer engineers are greatly tangled in the software and hardware generation of microprocessors, personal computers to circuit design. Also, computer engineering has two major divisions, hardware and software. In addition, computer software engineering involves development, design and testing software. Software designers elaborate in installing networks in companies such as intranets, installing new software in companies or upgrading their computer systems. As well, they work on designing applications to encounter the needs of a corporate or any particular person and also as a business where they sell software to an enterprise or individual.
On the other hand, computer hardware engineering consists of research, design, development and testing of computer components. Thereby, this can vary from microchips to routers. Hardware designers are usually based in laboratories and high-tech manufacturing organizations. Computer engineering has subdivided into various fields such as coding and cryptography, which involves protecting materials such as information, images and music or even copyright infringement. Another field is communications and wireless network where it involves telecommunication of systems and networks, modulation and error-control
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Whereas, computer software can be divided into various categories that include application software and system software. The application software uses computer systems to perform special tasks. On the other hand, system software directly operates the computer hardware. It can be further subdivided into device drivers, operating systems and utilities. Device drivers control is a particular device that is attached to the computer. While the operating systems usually collects services for other systems managing their resources. Utilities are programs that guide their users on how to use and maintain the computers. Other than these major software, there are other major ones such as web applications, Java Script, server software, plugins, microcode and desktop applications. Software’s can be off-the-shelf softwares or those that build according to the user’s preference. So, individuals or companies need a license for them to use any form of a software as it is required by

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