Electrical Fires: The MGM Grand In Las Vegas

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Each year, more than 1,100 people are injured and 310 people killed by home electrical fires. These fires result from both large electrical system failures and homeowner errors such as the improper use of extension cords or overloading circuits. Most electrical fires can be avoided if you only take the proper safety precautions. For any other cases, having the proper planning and safety equipment in place can help avoid deaths and injuries. Take a look at the following electrical fires and the lessons that resulted from each. 1. Install Sprinklers The MGM Grand in Las Vegas suffered a huge electrical fire in 1980 that injured 700 people and killed 87. This fire spread quickly through wallpaper, plastic mirrors and other flammable materials throughout the entire 26 story building. The majority of all deaths were from toxic fumes and smoke. If the casino had an automatic sprinkler system in the casino area of the building, it could have stopped the fire from spreading the way it did. If you are moving into a high-rise building, or staying in a hotel, make sure they have sprinkler systems.…show more content…
Have an Evacuation Plan - An apartment building in London caught on fire in 2009 as a result of an electrical fault in an outdated portable television. Although the fire began on the 9th floor, all victims were on the 11th floor, with many being rescued. One of the biggest complaints of survivors was that the apartment design was similar to that of a maze, making it difficult for them to get out of. It is for this reason that you should inspect make a plan for any and all escape routes from where you live. In addition to this, plan a safe meeting space outdoors to ensure that you can quickly find family after you have

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