Process Essay: How To Stay Safe At Home

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How to stay safe at home and prevent electrical risks
The reliability and safety of any electrical installation depend on the cabling, protection and safety measures in place. It is always advisable to use a licensed and qualified electrical contractor and who is able to meet all the electrical and safety requirements.
Most electrical fires occur due to misuse of the electrical appliances, use of damaged equipment, deteriorated cables and other avoidable conditions. In one year, electricity causes hundreds of deaths and tens of thousands of fires and accidents that often lead to huge losses and expensive repairs.
However, users can take a few precautions that increase safety and almost eliminate the electrical risks. These vary according to
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The following are some of the measures that can help improve safety in the kitchen.
Avoid using the electrical equipment and switches when the hands are wet.
The sockets should be installed at safe distances from water sinks or taps. For equipment such as dishwashers and washing machines and fridges, the sockets should be placed above the worktop for easy access. In addition, switched fuses should be used to control the equipment.
• Do not leave electrical equipment such as the cookers, dishwashers, and others unattended.
• Ensure that power cables and electrical appliances such as the toasters, kettles, electric cooker and others are in good working condition and never try to repair them when they are powered.
• Avoid inserting metallic parts such as a knife inside the equipment such as toaster when it is working or connected to power.
• Clean the equipment regularly to remove fats and oils on equipment such as cookers so as to avoid fires.
• Do not block ventilations by actions such as placing objects on top of the microwave. It is advisable to avoid using the top of electrical equipment such as microwaves for

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