Electricity System Advantages And Disadvantages

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Abstract- Electricity is the most versatile and widely

used form of energy and global demand is growing

continuously . Generation of electrical energy

however is currently the largest source Of carbon

dioxide. To mitigate the consequences of climate

change, the current electrical system needs to

undergo significant adjustments. To satisfy both the

increasing demand and to reduce the carbon dioxide

emissions, we need an electrical system that can

handle these challenges in a reliable, sustainable and

economic way. Our nations electric power

infrastructure that has served us so well for so long- also known as th “grid” is rapidly running against its

limitations. Our lights may be on, but systematically,

the risk associated with the relying on an often

overtaxed grid grow in size, scale and complexity

everyday. The electric industry is poised to make the

transformation form a centralized,producer

controlled network to one that is less centralized and

more consumer interactive. The smart grid is a new

modernized electric grid that people are using to

bring utility electricity delivery system into the 21st

century using computer based remote control and

automation. These system are made possible by two- way digital communications technologies and

computer processing. They offer many benefits to
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