Electro-Mechanical Energy Reflection

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VO You are watching a steam engine train. you are also watching A funny model of the same. Here, you are observing the working of a steam engine. Water is converted into steam in a boiler and then passed into a cylinder with movable piston. The piston, in turn, is attached to the wheels of the train .The steam flow inside the cylinder moves the piston forward& backward causing the wheels to rotate. Here, energy stored in the steam is converted into mechanical energy. Similarly, we are going to study about the “Electro-Mechanical Energy Conversion (EMEC) ” in which electrical energy is converted into mechanical energy and vice-versa. Applications 1)Motor: A motor converts electrical power applied to its coils into mechanical power at its shaft. 2)electric generator: A generator converts mechanical power supplied to its shaft into electrical power in its coils . 3)Hybrid electric vehicle: A parallel hybrid system ,as shown in the figure, is used in parallel with the engine. With this layout, the electric motor not only converts electrical energy into mechanical energy, but it also captures mechanical energy (during regenerative braking) and converts it into stored electrical energy, thus saving energy &increasing fuel efficiency. Introduction For energy conversion between electrical and mechanical forms, electro-mechanical devices are developed. In general, electromechanical energy conversion devices can be divided into three categories: (1)
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