Electrohydraulic Formation Lab Report

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Electrohydraulic forming is one of the high Speed forming method for sheet materials which has considerable effect on formability improvement. In this process, the electrical energy stored in a bank of capacitors discharges between a pair of electrodes submerged in fluid and converts to kinetic energy, forms the sheet materials. On the other hand the warm forming processes also have considerable effect on formability improvement. In this study the combination of electrohydraulic forming and warm forming processes is investigated experimentally. In order to investigate this hybrid process which can be named warm electrohydraulic forming process (WEHF), formability of 1100 aluminum alloy sheets in two temperatures of 55 and 110°c are evaluated .The results indicate that formability of the 1100 aluminum alloy in WEHF process are considerably higher than its formability in room temperature.
Electrohydraulic forming
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Photograph and schematic of WEHF method that has been used in this investigation, is shown in Fig. 1. In order to warm the blank in this investigation, a pair of cartridge has been inserted in a cylindrical steel and then the cylindrical steel is put on the blank as shown in photograph and schematic of WEHF in Fig. 1. With warming the cylindrical steel, the blank temperature is increased incrementally. In order to prevent cooling the blank due to contact between blank and water, 3 mm of air gap between blank and water has been created. Also in order to prevent heat transfer between blank and die and between blank and chamber, heat insulation papers with thickness of 1mm has been used above and below the blank. Initially, the blank is warmed and temperature of blank is measured by a thermometer that is connected to the blank. Then the cylindrical steel is removed and the forming operation is started

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