Electrolysis Research Paper

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Production of chemicals using electrolysis
By Grace Olivia Robinson

What is electrolysis?
Electrolysis is a process that uses electricity to break up elements and compounds. Using a negatively charged electrode called a cathode and a positively charged electrode called an anode an electric current is passed through a liquid solution containing ions, this separates the naturally occurring elements in the solution.

Where is electrolysis used?
Electrolysis is used in a variety of different industries for different things. It is used for Electroplating where it is used to coat metal objects with a thin layer of a different metal normally to make it look new again. It is also used for Refining Metals such as aluminum. Finally it is
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These chemicals are also used for many different things as well as chlorine. Chlorine is used to disinfect and purify, manufacture hydrochloric acid and make different kinds of plastics. Sodium hydroxide is used to process food products, remove poisons from water and manufacture paper. Hydrogen is only used to manufacture hydrochloric acids, but people are considering to use it as a pollutant free fuel.
Dangers of electrolysis
As we know electrolysis is used for many useful things that help our everyday life, but it comes with risks and dangers to our planet. The process to make electrolysis uses a lot of electricity which is mainly the cause of burning of fossil fuels. During the electrolysis process toxic fuels are released, lots of the fumes escape and goes into our environment.
When chlorine is produced it is used for 6 main industries ( PVC, solvents, organics, inorganics, water sanitation and pulp and paper industries.) Within these industries it is used 30% in PVC, 24% solvents, 13% organics, 13% inorganics, 5% water sanitation, 5% pulp and paper industries and 10% other industries. Throughout the world every year 65 million tonnes of chlorine is produced and used, throughout the US 14 million tonnes has been used and in Europe 10 million tonnes has been used! Which creates jobs and
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The result of this is a gradual build up of concentrations of hydroxide ions around the cathode and this produces a solution of sodium hydroxide. An essential requirement is to keep an effective and economic means of separation the anode and cathode reactions so that the products, chlorine and caustic soda, will not react to form sodium hypochlorite. The Separation process has been historically achieved by the mercury amalgam and diaphragm processes.

The chemical industry is used for many useful things which bring advantages to that industry, creating jobs and chemicals to keep our health in shape. However, it doesn’t come without costs to the environment and our health when not used or disposed of correctly. But currently overall the advantages of chemical production in this way far outweigh the disadvantages.

I have learnt about what electrolysis is and how it can be used for many different things. I learnt how electrolysis is formed and how you can use it correctly. In my opinion I think electrolysis is used for many good things that help our everyday life. However this affects the environment making me doubt this process, but in reality without it we would have many disadvantages in our

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