Electromagnetic Welding Model

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Analytical Study of Field Shaper in Electromagnetic Welding Rajesh.N, Student, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering AMC Engineering college, Bangalore-560083 Email: rajesh.madhu1990@gmail.com Shanthala K, Research scholar, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, AMC Engineering college, Bangalore-560083 Email: kshanthala2@gmail.com Abstract- Electromagnetic Welding (EMW) is a promising and relatively new manufacturing technology which is advantageous over conventional welding in many ways. EMW is a type of impact joining process which makes use of rapid energy source to accelerate and cause collision between two different metals at very high velocities by removing the layer of oxidation. The important characteristic of this process is non-contact…show more content…
The technique can be implemented for different applications, especially those in automotive industry. EMW is more efficient to produce complex components in high strength or low ductility materials. Also due to the plastic deformation in the process, welding between different materials is possible. It is necessary to concentrate the magnetic field in the desired region. The capacitor banks stores the high electrical energy in it. The changing magnetic field will induce eddy currents in the conductive outer work piece, also named the flyer tube. So considering the Lorentz force, the magnetic field outside the flyer tube will exert a force on the flyer tube due to the eddy currents, thrusting the tube inward in radial direction. If correctly executed the high velocity of the inward motion and thus the high-energy impact between outer and inner work piece will result in bonding/joining. It is necessary…show more content…
The designer and manufacturer of automobiles, aerospace and railway are focusing on the environmental condition by reducing the air pollution [1]. They tried to reduce the consumption of energy and fuel by use of lighter weight metals, fuel cell power and hybrid gas as well as electrical power to drive the cars, planes and trains. Light weight aluminium material is the best selection for application in automobiles as well as in aerospace structure, shipbuilding, and railway. To improve fuel efficiency and control air pollution, the weight of automobiles and aerospace should be reduced. It is difficult to weld aluminium to other metal by conventional technique because of thermal and metallurgical incompatibility and a large difference in their melting points and due to formation of brittle inters metallic compounds. To obtain a good quality joint we need a special machine which belongs to the field of non conventional machines to do this kind of welding to obtain a good quality joint. Electromagnetic Welding has been the advanced tool for the industrial applications since it is suitable for welding of dissimilar materials (widely varying melting points and thickness). Also EMW is cold weld and there is no bulk melting of

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