Electronic Cigarettes Argumentative Essay

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Before learning the side effects, issues, and dangers of the use of electronic cigarettes, I was under the impression that they weren’t harmful. I believed they were the safer option and if you weren’t doing it frequently or if it didn’t contain nicotine, then there was no issue in doing it. E- Cigarettes are marketed as a way of kicking an addiction to actual cigarettes, but anything inhaled into your lungs is not benefiting your personal health. But before, I did not know this and wasn’t necessarily against them. Truthfully, people in my close family use them and I thought it was a great way of ending a conventional cigarette addiction, and this made me wonder how bad they could possibly be. This was before I learned the risks of using E-Cigarettes. Once reading and watching informative video on e- cigs and vaping, My opinion completely altered from what I believed previously. Now I am against the idea that E-Cigarettes are a positive for the people. First of all, E- Cigarettes are a decently new invention and idea. This means people and even scientists don’t know all of the risks it could have on the body. Much like, when conventional cigarettes developed into a big business before research was done, finding that they left huge impacts on a person 's health including cancer and death. Also, Most people may believe vaporizing does not leave significant problems to the…show more content…
I now know they’re highly addictive and can cause issues in the brain and body. Also, there is still room to do more research to expand the knowledge on vaping and using e-cigarettes. Other students should know that whether you 're vaping, inhaling, smoking, etc, nicotine is harmful, especially to teens whose brains are still continuing to develop. It is important that younger students are taught before it is too late to alter the lifetime costs that nicotine has done to their

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