Electronic Cigarettes Case Study

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Electronic Cigarettes In this evaluation I’m going to evaluate the risks of Electronic Cigarettes. (hereafter “e-cig”). An e-cig is a device containing a nicotine-based liquid that is vaporized and inhaled, which is used to simulate the experience of smoking tobacco. (Google definition). Over the last ten years a lot of cigarette smokers have switched over to e-cigarettes. Granted that kicking a bad habit is an awesome accomplishment, but replacing one bad habit with another is a different story. Electronic Cigarettes first boomed in the market in 2003. Since then, there has been a rising number of “vapers” (vapers: people who use electronic cigarettes). Now, e-cigs are any where from seven dollars for a cheap non-refillable e-cig, to three…show more content…
“That’s when the vape blew up in his face and gave him not only first-degree burns, but probably the worst injury of all: a dime-sized hole that was blown open in the roof of his mouth.” written in a www.cosmopolitan.com article regarding the tragedy. Another example of what these awful machines are capable of, is the story of a eighteen year old bartender who was serving drinks to fellow colleagues, when one of the colleagues’s vapes exploded setting the bartenders dress on fire. Also, we cannot forget the story of the lady in Atlanta Georgia. She was charging her vape’s battery on her laptop, when it began to shoot out a four foot flame across her living room. The poor lady could have lost everything. There are so many reports of these e-cigarettes malfunctioning over the last decade, yet no one has ever mentioned the risk of it exploding in your face. I don’t know about you, but I think I would keep my odds with regular tobacco. I don’t believe electronic cigarettes are a healthy alternative to tobacco consumption. I believe we may come to find that e-cigs are even worse for you than we have come to believe over the last decade. If you want to quit a bad habit, do it cold turkey. There is a joke I saw on facebook that I really enjoyed, it goes as follows: A Doctor walks
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