Electronic Cigarettes Should Be Banned

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I strongly disagree that electronic cigarette should be banned. Of course smoking is a bad habit by itself probably one of the worst habits humankind developed but we have to see in detail that there are certain facts. Some research have concluded that e-cigarette are helpful in reducing or eliminating tobacco use which means smoking. Before explaining that I would like to share what is electronic cigarettes and how does it work. The history of electronic cigarettes is originated from China and invented by Hon Lik a Chinese pharmacist from north east China. Electronic cigarettes is a tobacco free product version of the traditional cigarettes. Basically it is made of less amount of nicotine, propylene glycol glycerine and different flavorings. The process that involved is applying heat to the liquid which the outcome is vapors. Banning the use of e cigarettes may put off smokers from using e cigarettes to aid them to quit smoking tobacco. Electronic cigarettes are nowdays considered to be safer than regular cigarettes because the liquids used in these e-cigarettes contain fewer toxic elements and do not include the products that are commonly burned in cigarettes. A ban on using e cigarettes in public places could be damaging to help them quit” says Rosana o’ Conner from Public Heath England. (pickover, 2016).Therefore, we should not discourage this promising new approaches that might change this picture.It 's not only smokers who are impacted by the effects of
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