Electronic Commerce Vs E Commerce

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The human never stop to build up new things. Day by day humans are adding new technology and improvement in the world. While electronic commerce (e-commerce) continues to have a deeply impact on the global business environment, technologies and applications have begun to focus more on more. Now a day 's customers and businesses are using the internet to conduct business and to run it which gives an incredible growth for e-commerce. Ecommerce engages different kinds of phases like www, digital rights management, security, privacy issues and electronic payment systems. Now days in market areas there are different types of electronic payment systems available.
When it comes to payment options, nothing is more convenient than electronic payment. But still this mode of payment is not as popular as typical transactions. There are different kinds of electronic payments systems like Credit cards, Digital cash, EFTPOS, Digital accumulating balance payment systems, Digital credit accounts, Online stored value systems.
The concept of digital wallet is relevant to many of the new digital payment systems. It tries to follow the functionality of traditional wallet. Most important functions includes authentication consumer through use of digital certificates or other encryption methods and store and transfer value trough secure payment process from consumer to merchant. Digital wallet is mostly use in M-commerce.
Digital Cash is one of the best forms of payment systems. In Digital cash,

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