Electronic Health Record Case Study

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It is important to enter all pertinent patient’s information into the Electronic Health Record as soon as possible to allow for the smooth provision of medical services. The information must be current and it must be accurate. There can be no errors on your part. Errors or mistakes can lead to wrong diagnosis and wrong treatment that could cost valuable time and money. It could even cost a patient their life. So it is very important that all information entered into the Electronic Heath Record be accurate. I would gather from the patient what his current concerns are as well as any personal and family medical history. I would also get information such as his name, age, address, etc. Medical history might include any other ailments both present and in the past, how long have they had the infection, what medications are they on, and do they have any allergies? I would then enter that information into the Electronic Health Record database. I would double check my work to make sure it was accurate and then I would save it and ask the patient…show more content…
It is very important that this occur because a patient is unable to make that determination and just sending them home to wait for an appointment could be life threatening. If there is a spot available on that day, then the patient should be informed of how long it might take to see the doctor and let the patient decide if it is something they are willing to do or to make a later appointment. Registration of a patient should be private, accurate and speedy. This will cover HIPAA, protect the patient and allow for a reduction in the wait time. Patients should be mailed preregistration packets to fill out and bring with them to the appointments to reduce the event for inaccuracies and
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