Electronic Health Record Essay

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Yes, the evolution of technology from Stone Age to Metal, and now to Electronic or Computer age is one thing constant in our civilization. Changes happened daily so with our technology. In the healthcare world, from handwritten notes and typed reports to computer-based patient records, now the adoption of much newer term, the Electronic Health Record or EHR is now become widely accepted. In the healthcare set-up, prior to EHR, the paper chart and recordings are two basic needs when you need to store information of patients in a healthcare setting. Doctors need to dictate his/her diagnosis and other orders to somebody who have the skills in writing faster or using stenography (we have that during our high school days). But errors are frequent…show more content…
For patients’ medication necessity, laboratory test results and treatment of medical problems are no longer need to wait for such a long time to receive by the recipient which brings quality and timely care management. And for the provider’s obligation for public health, it gives faster facilitation and timely reporting of information of adverse reactions and outbreaks of a disease. With the use of EHR nowadays, documenting at the point of care by the providers means recording all the findings, diagnosis, and treatment at the time of encounter making sure that nothing is forgotten before the patient leaves the doctor’s office or clinic. According to Richard Gartee using the “SOAP notes it improves the system by having accuracy and completeness of the patient record” (Gartee, 2011, p 24). And besides, the patients have a copy of the notes on that day’s visit that ensures patient’s understanding of what needs to be done on their treatment plan as well as information on any tests performed to
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