Electronic Incarceration Program Essay

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The ADC has different custody levels for prisoners. These levels include, Work Release, EIP (Electronic Incarceration Program), Work Force, minimum, medium, and maximum custody. Custody level is based on the prisoner’s chargers, criminal history, escape risk and their ability to get along with other prisoners. The ADC is a behavior-based facility; prisoners must follow all rules and regulations in order to secure better housing, reduction in custody, more privileges and more job opportunities Electronic Incarceration Program (EIP) is a program that allows inmates to serve their sentence within their homes. This is an alternative to incarceration; it helps inmates become productive members of the community. They must have a 12-month sentence…show more content…
The Work Force program provides inmates the opportunity to contribute to the general maintenance of the facility and participate in community services and public projects. An armed officer supervises Work Force Inmates at all times. These inmates must be sentenced to three (3) years or less and have no history of violence, escape or sexual history. If an inmate disregards any rules or regulations of the program, he is removed immediately. Inmates in minimum custody level wear green jail jumpsuit. They have more privileges than others have, and are housed in an open dormitory style. Two inmates are housed in every cell, with a max capacity of 100 inmates per pod. Two officers provide direct supervision to the inmates. Inmates have access to phones, the dayroom and the recreation area when not in lockdown. Access to the dayroom and other activities usually start at 7 am and end at 10 pm. These inmates can participate in the various programs provided by the ADC Inmates in medium custody wear the blue jail jumpsuit and have more restrictions than minimum custody inmates. Inmates in medium custody are housed in indirectly supervised units. They are also housed two per cell in a block with a max capacity of 10 inmates. They are allowed to attend programs available to medium custody

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