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ONTRIBUTION OF DRAMA TOWARDS CULTURAL IMPERIALSM Media has always affected masses; electronic media is being used as a powerful tool to address social and cultural issues of our country. By following such dramas which show west culture or any foreign culture, people easily get distracted towards it which includes languages, dressing, traditions, celebrations, drug addiction and so on. Drug Addiction From many years, drug addiction has started to make its place among a society which is based on Islamic values and norms. Pakistani culture is very different from foreign cultures but the influence of other cultures on our culture is very rapid. This drama has portrayed an image of a person who started taking drugs due to depression and completely indulged him in alcoholic things that he started to move away from the right track of his life. Drug abuse has never been a part of our culture but still it is present in our society and people do get addicted to drugs and alcoholic things. The concept of drug addiction has been shown in this drama which is adopted by west culture as it a normal thing for their culture and society. By seeing such dramas, mind sets of people do get affected and they start doing what they see. Pakistani dramas are promoting western culture and people who follow such dramas indulge themselves in the things they see even if it is not a part of their culture. Day by day, more and more people adapt these things which according to our culture are

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