Themes In American Culture

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Media has always affected masses; electronic media is being used as a powerful tool to address social and cultural issues of our country.
By following such dramas which show west culture or any foreign culture, people easily get distracted towards it which includes languages, dressing, traditions, celebrations, drug addiction and so on.

Drug Addiction
From many years, drug addiction has started to make its place among a society which is based on Islamic values and norms. Pakistani culture is very different from foreign cultures but the influence of other cultures on our culture is very rapid.

This drama has portrayed an image of a person who started taking drugs due to depression and completely
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By seeing such dramas, mind sets of people do get affected and they start doing what they see. Pakistani dramas are promoting western culture and people who follow such dramas indulge themselves in the things they see even if it is not a part of their culture. Day by day, more and more people adapt these things which according to our culture are haram. In Pakistan, not only man but women of all ages also make the use of drugs in their lives and they adopt such things from television and tv dramas.

Cultural Imperialism
By such dramas, people get a new way of life and they start following it. As this drama depicts the use of drugs and alcohol in a life of a person, it on the other hand also shows how drugs completely ruined his marriage and happy life.

The dramas are for public and in this drama there was nothing censored. Our society and culture does not promote the existence of drunken men and drugs abuse. Moreover,

Drug addiction has also raised the promotion of women abuse. Women abuse has now become our culture. If a woman gets beaten by her husband, it does not get bothered because it has become our culture and people are used to
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But the effects that media is causing through its dramas are totally ignored in our country. Everything is visible to children through TV dramas and other mediums that the mind sets of children have started to change and they are also indulging themselves in drugs.
This drama does not promote culture in right ways instead it promotes western culture. On the other hand it also promotes awareness among people that how drugs can damage and harm life and how it destroys everything. How it turns a man of good deed into completely spoiled man.
The verdict of this drama is that the drug culture is spreading all over our country and hence changing our culture, changing the way we think, the way we live our life according to our culture which promotes peace.

TV dramas are moving away from their tracks and their culture and have started promoting foreign culture. As a result, people of Pakistan have started adopting these cultures because they like to do what they see. This is causing cultural imperialism in our country and the impact of other cultures is highly seen on the lives of people. The value and identity of our culture has been disappeared and our today’s culture is a mixture of foreign

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