Electronic Medical Record Research Paper

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Electronic Medical Records (EMR) is very popular nowadays among people especially the doctors and hospitals all over the world. Basically, electronic medical records are new changes in this era which can achieve human goals by changing the way that medical records are used electronically and online in the world. Concerns towards a medical and health care is more complex day by day, the hospitals staffs needs a new technologies to facilitate their daily works and activities. As we know, before this, we only use a manual or paper based medical records to records all of the patients’ medical information and related documents. But, some of the hospitals still use this paper medical record and others have changed records onto electronic medical…show more content…
The transition process from paper charts to an electronic medical record system includes the strategic variables of physicians’ personal attributes, workflow, and process (Meinert and Peterson, 2009). Therefore, Electronic Medical Records (EMR) is new changes in this era which has implement new environment to medical records. Electronic medical record (EMR) basically to describe computer-based patient medical records which involve all the records and documents related to the patients such as patients registration, laboratory results and clinical correspondences. According to Al-Nassar, Abdullah, and Osman (2011), state that Electronic Medical Record (EMR) is the electronic middleman which allows users to access and retrieve patients’ data, to review patients’ medical history, and to facilitate the activation between patients and medical users. Thus, there are many aspects that includes in EMR such as EMR implementation, benefits of EMR, challenges of EMR, ways to overcome the problem, information system use in EMR, and future of…show more content…
All of these aspects need to be concern in order to ensure the EMR system can be run smoothly and systematically. However, without a support and teamwork from all the users, this EMR will difficult to achieve their goals and objectives. Users of EMR include administrative staff, medical staff, and patients. The main users are the medical staffs who are physicians and nurses who have used EMR to have electronic access to patient health information (Nassar, Abdullah, and Osman, 2011). All of the hospitals and medical institutions need to start and have a proper planning in order to implement this EMR in their institutions even though there are still many obstacles to overcome before it can be implemented successfully. Implementation of an electronic medical record system in hospital can result in a positive impact and beneficial in developed a better health care organization. Last but not least, the healthcare industry todays needs to realize that IT as a fundamental asset in providing efficient health related information services and improving the quality of medical services and patient

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