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Some archivists and record managers need to form partnership with other information professionals for effective management of electronic records. Plus, the most valuable partnerships are between information professionals and the decision support personnel, systems analysls and internal auditors. Working with these partnerships is an effective strategy for inserting the archives and records management program into the mainstream process of designing and analysing and modifying electronic information systems.

According to Bantin (2001),the archival profession needs to acquire some new skills to its ”tool kit” to be effective in a world of increasingly automated records. The new skill sets can be grouped
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Various views on the definition of preservation, and what is meant by preservation,exist. For the purpose of this study, digital preservation is the preservation of digital materials for a period long enough in order for the object to survive the next generation of technology and software change without altering the original content of the source (McKnight,…show more content…
The InterPARES project is guided by the principles of archival science and by diplomatics.
• Webdocument digital archive project
OCLC is working withe a number of other organization to develop digital archive to preserve Web published,electronic-only documents. The Web Document Digital Archive (WDDA) project is intended to help Libraries’ basic needs for identification, selection, capture, description and access to documents that would not otherwise be documents that would not otherwise be available in the

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