Essay On Electronic Record Keeping

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The electronic records have been change through time. There are a lot of changes in term of technology which make easier people to manage the records. The research show that US has been through a lot of changes in electronic records. This articles doing a research from the 50’s years of author which in the field of information and technology management. It helps the information agency in how to manage electronic records using technology now a days. There are a lot of advantages in elctronic records now than then in term of physical and mental for the information agencies such as archive, museum, records centre and others. But there are also a risk that we need to take in order to upgrade the electronic records. But all of the problem
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The social terrain has changed radically in a great ways for records management. It used for important business and social purposes and marketing strategies for delivery of education and training. Secondly, generational technology usage happen because of differences among generations during their respective formative, pre-working years and their influence into record keeping. Furthermore, intergration of cultural heritage. Libraries, museums and arhives has the large roles in played as fountains of cultural heritage information resources that authenticate the identitiy of communities. Now, they has an easier access to heritage information from a far because now they had provide a website were the communities can access it whereever they are, anytime and without need to spend a money to get an infromation. Next is, the ever-increasing and changing pace of technology innovation and use in the workplace. It hugely impact record keeping operations because some records need to be captured, appraised and scheduled one way. The records have not been kept up with organizational introduction of technological
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