Electronics And Engineering: The Ethics Of Professional Engineering

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The Ethics of Professional Engineers
Mohammad A. Radwan
Electronics and Communications Department
Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University
Giza, Egypt mradwan@eng.cu.edu.eg Abstract—This work presents a survey about the ethics of professional engineers. It summarizes the aspects of the engineering ethics and their reflection to our life. It also shows the importance of applying the engineering codes of ethics either for the engineer, or the society, showing the good and bad sides of these behaviors. Briefly, it is strongly recommended for the engineer to behave in ethical way, as it is a big responsibility for saving people’s lives.

Keywords—code of ethics, engineering ethics, ethical thinking, professional, responsibilities, safety.

HE engineering work has a lot of risks, especially when it is related directly to the people’s life. There are well-known cases from the history of engineering that made the study of engineering ethics a must to save people’s life. For example, in 1986, we remember the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster which exploded shortly after liftoff and killed the seven-member crew. In 2003, Columbia space shuttle wings are damaged while entering the Earth’s atmosphere, killing all the crew members [1]. II. ENGINEERING ETHICS AS A PROFESSION
Engineers should respond professionally to the ethical problems in a creative way. The engineering ethics is the study of moral decisions and applying ethics in the different engineering

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