Case Study: Elegance Haircut

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1.0 Company Profile 1.1 Organization Elegance Haircut was established on 7 January 2016. Elegance Haircut is a name as the symbol of excellence in the hair industry. Our salon offers a variety of cut and hair services, with highly qualified staffs who deliver satisfying result to our customer or our clients’ needs. Elegance Haircut is promises a world class style with an inspire hairstyles and to delivering a new standard of affordable luxury in the hair industry without compromising its quality. Customer are welcome to enjoy our services in a best and the latest hair styling, offered by a highly trained hairstylist that are committed to put a smile and satisfaction on each client’s face. We also maintain a friendly, fair and creative…show more content…
The organization chart is led by General Manager, tailed by Administrative Executive, Financial Executive, Marketing Executive and Operational Executive. Some executives have their own staffs that are working for them such as the marketing executive and the operational executive. Organizational Chart of Elegence Haircut 3.3 Function of Department NO. FUNCTION 1 General Manager 1. To plan, apply and control the overall management of the business. 2. To plan and observe the strategic progress of the business. 3. To be held responsible for the overall performance of the business. 2 Administrative Executive 1. Manage the administration plan. 2. Responsible to make sure the business runs according to the administration planning. 3. Coordinate the function of administration of staff and their welfare. 4. Ensure all the equipment are enough and in good condition. 5. Manage, control and organize all business operation. 3 Marketing Executive 1. Identify the business marketing strategy through him or her knowledge in marketing. 2. Make the marketing plan and ensure the successful of implementation. 3. Make sure the target of the organization to be well known among customers. 4. Come out with new and creative idea of running the business
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