Eleganzia Furniture Marketing Plan

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Our marketing strategy is based mostly on creating the right info available to the right target customer. There are a lot of essential digital marketing strategy for furniture business which can use by Eleganzia Furniture and attract more customers as compare to their competitor.
Furniture Industry has improved and adopted the digital marketing to some range, online presence is must for all companies now a days because no one can survive in this era. So Eleganzia Furniture must have online presence in market and adopt some strategies.
While every business is unique and requires different marketing strategies keeping in view the geography and product lines, there is several strategies work
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Eleganzia furniture market is that customer who wants to have very reliable and quality furniture with the latest in technology, together with an old fashioned sense of best woods like chinyotti woods and best woodworking. This person are both consumers who want the furniture for their home as well as for those customer who want for their business.
Marketing demographics:
• Corporate executive
• Small business owners and executive
• Home
The offer: Product
Eleganzia furniture must have to keep in mind the economic situation of the country and also have an idea about their customers that how many consumer or customer will show their interest when they convert into online and which type of consumer or customer will attract. Eleganzia furniture deliver their goods and sell their product to the small business and large business and as well as
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The first stage of e promotion is that what the domain name you are using is. For example the Eleganzia Company use domain name as www.eleganziafurntures.com
The common form of promotion online by placing banner advertisement on other websites. There are a lot of websites where customers come potentially so company must pace their banner ads on that webpages. Direct e mail is also popular way to communicate with their customers and common way of e promotion. Although slowly it became the hated by the many consumer. Company can send e-leaflets to hundreds and thousands of respondents, expecting a low %age will answer. The difficulty is that for every 100 emails sent to the different customers and then answer rate will be 1-2!
Now a day Facebook, twitter are mostly used by people and according to this Eleganzia company must place their ads on Facebook twitter etc. E-promotion includes website for the firm with an effective domain name, web public relations, SPAM and active social media presence.

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