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"Religion is not man 's relationship to God, it is man 's relationship to man" (Wiesel). Eliezer Wiesel was a twelve-year-old Jewish child when his world turned upside-down after the German army invaded Hungary in the Spring of 1944. In his memoir, Night, published in 1960, Wiesel writes about the time he and his father spent in Auschwitz-Buchenwald and how this time resulted in his struggle to understand and be faithful to God. The theme of doubting Gods existence recurs throughout the memoir as Eliezer questions not only God, but himself, and his ability to stay faithful during his experiences. Growing up, Wiesel recalls that his father devoted his life to the study of the Torah while his mother and sister worked in their family store, so…show more content…
During his first night in Auschwitz, he writes, ""Never shall I forget that night…Never shall I forget those flames... Never shall I forget those moments... Never" (Wiesel 34). Wiesel not only uses repetition with the phrase "never shall I forget" to emphasize his experience, but again he stops the memoir 's continuous flow in an attempt to process what he witnessed. Eliezer breaks his narrative tone to tell the reader that his faith, which was previously the focal point of his life, is now in shambles. Thus, putting Eliezer into a crisis as he does not know where to turn after witnessing such atrocities. Although, he finishes the quote stating he will never forget the things he witnessed as long as God lives himself. Which, symbolizes the fact that he can never abandon his faith completely, even if he struggles to understand God at this time. Therefore, this passage holds such value in the memoir as it is the first time Eliezer openly struggles with his faith and devotion in God through the use of literary

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