Elementary School Narrative Essay

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As the day started, we thought that this activity will not be possible because of the bad weather. But God provided us the opportunity to spread happiness to the students of Tipakan Elementary School. Even though we did not arrive there at the exact time, children still wait for us despite the fact that there is a short period of time for us to do the activity. As we reached the Tipakan Elementary School, we grouped the students into six (6). They were their group mates from the first game until the last game. We started the program with a prayer from Mr. Sigfred Fababair, Jr., an opening remark from Ms. Aubrey Grace Titular and an energizer from Mr. Jules Bautista and Ms. Karen Briones. Afterwards, the games began. Children were familiar in…show more content…
Aldrin Lopez. With Mr. Lopez, Ms. Mary May Lalunio and Ms. Divina Grande also accompanied us from the beginning until the end. And last but not the least, God’s guidance and His presence during the entire program. V. DESCRIPTION OF THE SCHOOL A. Background of the School Tipakan Elementary School in Lipa City, Batangas is a DepEd managed school with no annexes. They are having a curricular class of Kindergarten and Elementary. The date of operation started on January 01, 1958. Until today, Tipakan Elementary School helps the students to learn and grow. B. Problems Facing by the School Administration Nobody is perfect. Everyone has their own weaknesses. As we conduct the program/activity in Tipakan Elementary School, we notice some problems that they are facing right now. Some of their establishments like bathrooms, lavatories, and toilets are unstable. Moreover, some classrooms and facilities are unclean and the windows and doors are devastated. We also witness that they do not have trash cans within the school premises. They are putting together some trash at the backyard. Additionally, there are some trashes in the garden and it is not implanted with plants and
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