Elementary School Observation

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Observation reflection On October 6, 2015 I had the opportunity to observe a Pre-kinder class located in North Hollywood called Arminta Elementary school. Arminta Elementary school is directed by Principal Ramirez. It is a public school and part of the Los Angeles Unified school district. The school goes from Pre-kinder all the way to fifth grade. There are twenty-one teachers in this school. All trying their hardest to educate and encourage the students to a better future. The school requires the students to have their paperwork and medical shots to attend school. The school does have children with special needs such as Down syndrome. There’s teachers who help these children but aren’t treated any different. Everyone is treated equally…show more content…
There are four adults supervising that day. The outdoor surface is fenced all around with a lock to keep the children from wondering around or getting lost. There is more than plenty of space for the number of children using the yard. The children’s traffic flows smoothly. There was only 13 students and it seems there had to be a few more students. The area was nice and clean for the children to play. The playground is divided into area’s which persuades students to be involved in different kind of play. The children had a variety of choices. There was an area filled with different sizes of balls where the students would throw, hit, and try catching. The large permanent equipment was a slide which was part of play where the children could choose from. The slide had steps next to it which allowed climbing and the use of force was required. The teacher also brought shovels and buckets which she placed near the dirt. There was tag, and hopscotch where the children were able to perform these activities without any equipment. The children had the option to ride bicycles with three wheels. (2in the back and 1 in the front) The teacher was involved and would persuade her students to play with one another. The sandbox was actually in the outside of the classroom towards the back. The sandbox was a few inches off the floor but it did allow children to play with the sand. (hand motion and sensation involved. The children played freely with dry and wet sand as well. They use utensils like plates, buckets, and shovels. I dislike the fact that children aren’t actually able to step into the sandbox and feel the sand on their toes. The sand allows the children to enhance their touch, smell, and exploration. I like the fact there was plenty of shade outside. The children had benches and tables with shade over it. This is useful when children are exhausted they can go to

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