Elementary School Reading

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Growing up I looked up to my mother. She was the only one in my family who actually enjoyed reading and writing, compared to the rest of my family who prefered to solve math problems or study random facts. My mother liked to read stories and I would ask her to read to me before bed to avoid going to sleep each night. One thing she would do was read to my younger brother and I as many stories as we wanted on Christmas eve. We had an endless supply of short children’s books. We had what seemed like every Christmas book, Bible story and Dr. Suess book imaginable. We would sit by our fireplace with all the decorations and candy canes and read ‘Twas the Night before Christmas. Afterwards my younger brother would go towards the Christmas tree with white lights and red and green garland and Christmas bulbs hanging from it, admiring his gifts and would repeat the sentences from the book. The holidays made me actually enjoy reading as much as my mother did.…show more content…
Every student had to take AR quizzes for reading every week. My teacher Ms.Giller would have bright orange bins of books we could take a quiz on in the back of the room. For me tests and quizzes always intimidated me. I hated going to the computer lab where the quiz was taken. The room was always dark and the walls were bare. I would sit down in front of the screen and listen to all my friends do well on their quiz while I did poorly. Reading became more and more strenuous so I decided to avoid it. After finishing elementary school and moving on to middle school I realized reading was almost impossible to avoid. Every day after lunch we would have literacy hour. We would head to our classrooms and they would become completely quiet and I would sit in boredom reading the silly posters around the room instead of my actual
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