Elementary School Recess

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The Case for Recess Swinging from monkey bars. Singing jump rope songs. Swishing a basketball. Memories of elementary school are often synonymous with playtime. However, imagine a child’s experience through school without recess. For a growing number of students, losing recess is a startling reality while forty percent of U.S. schools are currently reducing or eliminating recess time (Dills 889). The elementary schools claim more classroom instruction is needed instead of recess. However, recess is a crucial part of children’s development and should not be eliminated. Elementary schools should be required to provide adequate recess time because recess promotes social development and increases physical activity that improves classroom focus…show more content…
Recess gives students the time and space to be active through activities ranging from structured team sports to imaginative play. In order for children to grow up healthy, “the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services recommends that all children over 2 years old get 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous exercise on most days of the week” (Santa 79). Adequate recess time is important for the opportunity for physical exercise. Since students spend “between 40 to 45% of their waking hours at school”, elementary schools need to be responsible for promoting exercise through a designated recess period (Elliot 150). School is a place for children of all different backgrounds to learn routine physical exercise. Recess ensures that the majority of children receive an opportunity to be active in order to grow into healthy citizens. According to Elliott, Combs, and Boyce, children are able to benefit from recess…show more content…
Without recess, students are not simply missing out on a time to play, but children are losing time to be active. Childhood obesity and the related health problems are serious problems that require changes. Implementing recess is a small step to help children receive a fair start. School cultivates so much more in a child than memorizing information. The ability to communicate and socialize is crucial for being a functional future citizen, and recess allows the space for development. While it appears that recess takes time away from learning, the reality is that learning is more effective with recess breaks and academic achievement is not diminished. In order for laws to change, citizens need to be active in communicating with their government. Recess is not currently mandatory in the majority of elementary schools. Presenting the case for recess to school boards in new and existing schools is a small way to impact an entire
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