Elementary School Teachers Research Paper

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Elementary School Teacher: Molding Young Children’s Minds Miss Koehn, Miss Teacher, Teacher, Miss. There are so many names for just one person, especially if your a teacher. As a teacher, an individual is now a role model and influence in their students lives. Teachers are responsible for students learning and intellectual development. It may seem like a heavy responsibility, but to me it would be so worth it. They are shaping a child’s mind and subsequently molding them into the person they will become. It will not be easy working their way up and they have to give full effort and attention, but eventually the schooling will pay off and they will be teaching to their best ability. In order to understand what an elementary school teacher…show more content…
They also teach “students the basic educational skills they need to succeed academically” (“Elementary School Teacher” Occupational 1). Another responsibility is providing students with a variety of different learning experiences. They “encourage students intellectual growth by preparing, presenting, and explaining information on a level that the kids can understand” (Cassedy 1). Reinforcing appropriate communication, social skills, self-control, cultural diversity, drug prevention, sharing, and responsibility are also in the description. So they not only teach academically, but they also “help students learn about themselves and the world while preparing them to face future challenges” (“Elementary School Teacher” Occupational 1). On another note, they also “are responsible for monitoring kids for any social, learning, or behavioral issues” (“Elementary School Teacher” Career 1). The description of the job also depends on what kind of teaching position is taken, which leads me to the different types of teachers. Some teachers major in one topic while others…show more content…
Enrolling “in college-preparatory classes, including courses in English, the physical sciences, a foreign languages, history, and mathematics” can also benefit those working to be teachers (“Elementary School Teachers” Occupational 4). Individuals, working to be teachers, benefit from taking classes such as social studies, psychology, and language arts. Other classes that might be helpful are courses in teaching methods including those in curriculum design, which teaches how to plan lessons, the philosophy of education, which teaches how to instruct and manage students. To become a teacher, individuals are required to have a teacher’s certificate. To qualify for this certificate by earning “a four-or five-year Bachelor of Education degree with a major in elementary education or a Bachelor of Arts degree with certain specified education courses” (“Elementary School Teacher” Occupational 3). To be a licensed teacher, an individual must have an undergraduate degree that follows their state’s license requirements. Before a person is licensed as a teacher, they have to serve as student teachers to gain first-hand experience. The education level needed is a four year university or college. I have a pretty good idea for my college plan so far. As of now, I plan on going to Kansas State University to get my Bachelor of Education degree with a major in elementary education.
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