Elementary Teacher Observation

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The second teacher observation was just wonderful to observe. I was not in my major, but I did get to learn the life of a Math grade teacher. It was unique and fun to see what all types of teacher deal with on a daily basis. Students vary in moods between different types of classes. I was able to learn the uniqueness Mrs. Watts incorporated in her classroom.
One unique feature Mrs. Watts displayed in the classroom to demonstrate several skills and assessment were taking the students outside to receive fresh air from nature and get them walking and releasing energy. She wanted them to get out of the white walls classroom and venture out in the places around them. She took them to the football stadium, basketball court and the front steps of the high school. It was not all fun in games. She required them to learn rise over run. They had to form groups of three where they had to measure the height and base of the steps. She traveled around the school taking them to several different steps where they had to measure, record and draw on their worksheet. It was a fun way to teach them about Math. She explained to me the process she uses in her Math class. She enjoys teaching them from the board,
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Watts does was when she asked all the students after they turned in the worksheet was to write in three sentences if they understood the work or not, and if they did not understand, she asked them to explain what they did not learn. The formative assessment she does at the beginning and end of the semester was a pre-test of the grade level of Math the student was beginning, and at the end of the year, she gave them a post test to see where they learned the most or fell short in learning. She said that has been her best summative assessment because that way, she was able to tell the next teacher awaiting the children an overall review of what they learned and did not learn. She said that was how all the teachers stayed in sync with one
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