Elements In Fahrenheit 451, Anthem, And The Maze Runner

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Dystopia is a popular genre in which authors write about a fictional society that is perceived to be perfect and ideal by the vast majority of the people in it. Authors must intrigue the reader, and this is difficult because they have to somehow illustrate a future that is vaguely similar to ours. However, it has to be completely fictional, which makes it tough to formulate realistic storylines. Nevertheless, these authors use literary elements to counter these difficulties and produce realistic characters and you can see this when Ray Bradbury, Ayn Rand, and James Dashner use symbolism in their respected novels, Fahrenheit 451, Anthem, and The Maze Runner. This literary technique gives Dystopian Literature the uniqueness and adds the key elements to make the story flow. In Fahrenheit 451, Ray Bradbury gives simple and common objects or thoughts a complex to meaning to allow the characters an …show more content…

All three of novels have different and unique symbols, but there is at least one that represents the same aspect that is necessary for this type of genre: freedom and hope. In Fahrenheit 451, it was Clarisse and her bright nature that unintentionally provoked Montag to discover what it meant to have freedom. It was the light that Equality invented in Anthem that provided hope along with the Uncharted Forest representing the potential freedom that he could away from the society. Finally, the Sun represented hope along with normalcy in The Maze Runner for the Gladers, something they had not realized until it was gone from their lives. In Dystopian Literature, hope and freedom is needed along with the symbol(s) necessary to symbolize those two aspects. Without them, there would be no people to rebel in any dystopian novel, and that would not be intriguing at all. They allow the protagonist to understand the hidden flaws in the society and that there is indeed a better world somewhere out

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