Creativity In A Short Summary: 3D World

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CHAPTER 3 COMPUTER-GENERATED IMAGERY 3.1 INTRODUCTION In this chapter, we will highlight the elements and the key areas that are relevant to computer-generated imagery which can be known in short form as “CGI”. The description of the techniques involved will be provided in this chapter. We will discuss the main key aspects of CGI which are the usage of CGI cameras and the integration with live-action. In the process of filmmaking, the techniques and principles which involved in creating and stimulating CGI for abbreviation are inserted and blended together with the live-action footage. CGI is a basic part of creating new unlimited effects in a range of areas within the film such as special effects, animation, rendering and editing. The purpose of using CGI is not to create or replace content of the footage, but to enhance the footage…show more content…
The CGI footage is not a real footage or even captured in real life by film cameras. It has been produced separately through graphics software and then merged with real footage. CGI have been developing constantly. It enhances live footage and can be applied in all aspect such as light, camera, characters and scenes. There are no limits of creating pieces of work within the virtual world by using 3D graphics software. There are no constraints in positioning or in movement. In real film, there are constraints within the real world unlike CGI, there’s an empty space that can be filled and manipulated in many ways which makes CGI essential. It creates endless images and objects that integrated in real film to look alike the real world objects. CGI also create effects that are possible to create using film camera. The usage of CGI enables us to create cameras that can spin or rotating 360 degree easily without using crane in real world, create cartoon characters that can walk in real film and talk with real characters in real

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