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Imagine a life with no color, no slang, and no individual thinking. That life can be seen in The Giver as it shows a communist society. Based on Marxism, Communism is a form of government where everything is equal including salary, food, homes, and clothes. In history, China and the Soviet Union were marked as communist countries. Today, the number of communist countries has increased and include the following countries: China, Laos, North Korea, Vietnam, and Cuba. Directed by Phillip Noyce in 2014, The Giver gave a western portrayal of communism by highlighting elements such as economic equality, questioning of leadership, and population control. Communism has occurred at different times throughout history, and it can be identified by three main elements. One main element of communism is economic equality. With economic equality, everything for everyone is the same…show more content…
The element of economic equality is incorporated multiple times throughout the movie. One time is seen in their homes and the overall layout of the town. Every dwelling or home looks identical to the one next to it. Also, their is no variation to the layout of the entire town; it is the same pattern. Furthermore, the people in The Giver have identical clothing with no different colors or styles. The second element in portrayed in The Giver late ron. Questioning of leaders is not expected in this society; however, Fiona does so by acting against the Elders. Fiona’s punishment is not getting sent to prison like the people in North Korea. Her punishment is to be released to Elsewhere. Being released to Elsewhere does not just play a role as punishment; It is also part of the third element in communism. In the Giver, they control population by “releasing” people to “Elsewhere.” The government is actually injecting a fluid into their veins to kill them. In normal cases, it is the older people in society that are released or

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