The Elements Of Corporate Identity

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In the business world, the concept of corporate identity refers to the specific elements which characterize the profile of an undertaking and are criteria according to which stand out from its competitors. These elements include in the ideology, values, company structure, the rules and the behavior both in the business and social environment. The corporate identity is used internationally by companies to promote the company and improve its corporate culture. The modern business world is becoming increasingly difficult which means that only companies that produce competitive products will survive and this presupposes the existence of personality, identity. In other words we understand that to achieve corporate identity we need time and effort…show more content…
Corporate behavior
2. Corporate design
3. Corporate communication

This paper aims to become a reference and analyzed the third tool i.e. corporate communications and how it helps to achieve the objectives of the company and how it will lead to effectiveness.

The term of corporate communication refers to the manner in which the corporate identity will be transformed to corporate image, i.e. the transmission of the concept of corporate identity. Elements of corporate communication that is related to corporate behavior are the visual images as well as areas of marketing, for example advertising, public relations and promotion.
In essence, you could say that it is the effort of the leaders of an enterprise to transmit the values and beliefs, as well as the idea of "us" through various ways: • Presentation and narration of past accomplishments from persons who worked and offered in corporation • Educational and informational seminars
• the employees have the ability to express their opinion for decisions • coordinating events •
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The Corporate Communications is the tool that would help the company to cope with "threat" of competition or even to benefit. (Goodman, 1994, p1)
On functions of corporate communications are included public relations, the relations in the investment operations, relations with employees, advertising, media relations, relations with the government and the community, provision the necessary knowledge to workers, technology, marketing and management communication. Indeed, many companies beyond these functions, in corporate communications, deal with charities or mobilized in times of crisis and emergencies. (Goodman, 1994,
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