Elements Of Dance Analysis: Singing In The Rain

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Charlotte Plehn
Dance Analysis Paper
Singing in the Rain Upon viewing the performance here at UWL titled, “Singing in the Rain,” I was shown a variety of different styles of dance that were discussed during class. This production consisted of many different performers and movements. These movements ranged from tap dancing to line dancing. While there was a variety of different dancing styles, they all had the same common elements of dance. These elements were shown through body, energy, action, time and space. For instance, the dancers in the beginning were using their bodies to show that they were confident. The character’s head was up, chest out and back arched, as they moved to show their feelings. Likewise, the energy aspect of the dancing was shown through the explosiveness of the movements. The dancers were observed to be full of energy which showed through their movements and dancing. Every movement was sharp and clean. Furthermore, the action portion of the basic dance elements was seen through the dancer’s basic movements that turned into dancing. For example, in one scene, the actor jumped off the table and broke into a little skip-glide dancing movement. The time aspect of dancing was shown through their
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They danced back and forth and then came together at the end to wrap it all up. I noticed that this was an aspect of good dance technique, partnering. They used each other as partners to create a story and build off of each other’s last movements. While it was apparent that one dancer clearly had better personal tap dance technique, what made it work as a whole was their joint ability to come together and trust each other to dance the same level as the other. This created a performance that was easy for the audience to watch, despite clearly having one dancer be better at tap dancing than the
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