Basic Elements Of Drama Essay

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UNIT TEST Circle the letter that best answers each question. 1. The following are basic elements of drama except one. A. Character B. Setting C. Plot D. Play 2. William Shakespeare is known as the world’s popular dramatist. He writes play. What do you call him? A. Stage Director B. Producer C. Playwright D. Actor 3. It refers to a literary genre to be acted out for the audience. A. Short story B. Drama C. Poem D. Novel 4. It is commonly known as the main character of a drama. A. Protagonist B. Antagonist C. Static D. Dynamic 5. The following are stages in a plot except one. A. Exposition B. Climax C. Rising Action D. Inference 6. This is an element of drama which refers to an act of a play or a division of a play. A. Scene B. Act C.…show more content…
Character C. Stage Directions D. Script 9. This is the conversation taking place between and/or among the characters in a drama. A. Dialogue B. Act C. Tone D. Acting 10. What does the string symbolize in the story “The Piece of String” by Guy de Maupassant? A. the truth gets twisted into something else B. fine reputation C. people don’t accept the truth D. no one believes or accepts the truth 11. Maitre Hauchecorne is the protagonist while M. Malandain is the antagonist in the story. What element of drama is described? A. Setting B. Plot C. Theme D. Character 12. At home Ana and Marie are talking about the incoming fieldtrip to Disney Land. After finishing their conversation, they go out of the house. Which of the following represents this division? A. Scene B. Dialogue C. Play D. Stage Directions 13. What is the setting of the story “Zombies Among Us”? A. before school B. after school C. inside the school D outside school 14. What is the turning point of the story? A. Plot B. Climax C. Exposition D. Rising action 15. Henry: “No! I am not making any proposals in his behalf.” Aimee: But, are you not afraid of getting fired?” This is an example of a _______________. A. Character B. Dialogue C. Stage Decoration D.
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