Family Identity Essay

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Self-ideas about one’s own ethnic group membership is defined as ethnic identity, in other words ethnic identity is the grasp of personal and moral possession or participation in the ethnic group, and its correspondent understanding, merits and senses as well as feelings are far reaching consequences of that ownership. Ethnic identity is a vital realm of the self-concept (E.Bernal & P.Knight, 1993). Ethnic preferences and feelings, ethnic role behaviors, ethnic constancy and knowledge are five of the most important elements of ethnic identity. Therefore, ethnic identity is crucial to be concerned carefully because children are taught about their ethnicity in the family which is viewed as an important element to construct and define the family identity through its frame.
2.4. Multiple identities A very first idea the majority of
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Methodology This research is a detailed analysis of family identity and reputation in Iran which people are so concerned about their family face. 3.1. Participants A total of 40 individuals both men and women in various ages, (teenagers and adults), who are members of Iranian families with different social classes (working class, the middle class, lower-upper class), and educational levels, with distinct attitudes towards family face and identity also various cultural background, participated in the main survey.
3.2. Instruments Instruments utilized for current subject are voice or video recorder and identity charts which can help individuals and families consider many items that shape who they are as an individual or a family. Identity charts have distinctive categories namely: our role in family (e.g. father, mother, and daughter), our interests (e.g. books, sports, and music), our background (e.g. race, hometown, nationality, religion), and our appearance or physical characteristics. Through using all these instruments we would be able to have much more thorough data collection as well as
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