Elements Of Gothic Elements In Frankenstein

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The Brief Introduction to Gothic Literature The word “gothic” is once closely connected with the meaning of brutality in the early history. Thus, the corresponding literature with gothic features is deemed as a sort of literature that goes beyond the field of main trend of literature. And through a long period, the type of literature is accepted by people and step into its historic stage. The gothic literature possesses its own typical features. For instance, the horrible atmosphere, the existence of supernatural, the contradictions of characters, the complicated conflicts of morality and evilness. Chapter 2 The Fundamental Tone of the Gothic Elements in Frankenstein-- The Gothic Aesthetics The reflection of the gothic elements in the novel is mainly circled with the tone of gothic aesthetics. Gothic aesthetics was raised by Edmund Burke, referring to beauty of negative, gloom and even dark characteristics. Based on it, the individuals may acquire a total extraordinary experience in the novel.

2.1 The Manifestation of Characters The protagonists in Frankenstein are Frankenstein and the monster. Frankenstein is an aggressive man in obtaining the knowledge. Especially after his mother died, which can be a huge shock on him
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The novel consists of several segments to tell the story in the aspect of first person. Every part seems absurd, while through the unique narrative aspect, the story would be a vivid image of personal experience. In addition, especially through the narrative aspect of the Frankenstein and the monster, the way brings the readers a strong impact on emotions and renders the individuals bury themselves in the mysterious situation. Besides, the sequence of the narratives was ingeniously and rationally arranged in the novel. For example, the first narrative and the final narrative could be the same
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