Elements Of Gothic Romanticism

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Gothic Romanticism is a genre of literature that combines fiction, horror, the supernatural and romance, popular in the 18th and 19th century. It was introduced by an English author named Horace Walpole. He incorporated this genre through a novel published in 1764, “The Castle of Otranto” which was subtitled, “A Gothic Novel”. The term gothic was originally used to describe art and a form of architecture at the time.
Terror, mystery, paranormal activity, doom and death were the main features of gothic novels during the era of gothic romanticism. Gothic novels and poems were given their own genre mainly because they include extreme emotional content and intensely dark themes. The natural settings were castles and monasteries which are typical forms of gothic literature. By 1840 the gothic genre had played itself out and this was partly due to writers who were developing the
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Also, it was about time that the most famous gothic villain, Dracula, appeared in Bram Stroker’s work. The year Dracula was now seen by the world was 1897.
The theme of gothic romanticism was at its peak in the period from 1800 to 1850 as a result of the industrial revolution. This was a form of reaction to the political and social views of the age of enlightenment. It was originally emphasized in visual arts, music and literature. It then placed a new emphasis on such emotions, horror and terror, this was achieved in confronting the new elements of impacting the feelings of the reader in subtle messages and beauty of nature take from a different perspective.
An example of how certain elements are set out to impact the viewer, is a poem titled, “the ghost” by famous author Charles Baudelaire. He is considered one of the greatest 19th century poets. He believed that evil and had been overlooked as an expression of beauty and
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