Elements Of Nursing Philosophy

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Miranda Henderson
Personal Nursing Philosophy
My nursing philosophy is a result of my clinical and work experiences that embody my values and beliefs. My personal philosophy of nursing encompasses four elements: people, health, environment, and nursing. This paper expresses how my personal philosophy, using the four elements, will be conveyed throughout my nursing career. The first and most essential aspect of nursing is people. As a nurse, one is constantly working with a diverse variety of people. Nurses are not only working with clients, but also the family members and healthcare team. Every person is unique and with their own personality, values, and morals. It is essential that a nurse provide each patient with individualized care to
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The nurse sets the tone of an environment. The nurse is responsible for monitoring the structure a comfortable and secure environment. I believe the patients and family members deserve an environment that is safe and promotes healing, physically and emotionally. A patient’s room should be warm and inviting. It should be deemed as their own personal space and provide privacy. The last and final philosophy is nursing. The role of a nurse is to be a leader, listener, teacher, advocate, care- taker, believer, decision-maker, protector, and much more. Nurses have to be able to handle chaotic situations and quickly make new plans for when things don’t go as anticipated. Nurses must prioritize and make decisions based on clinical judgment to provide the best outcomes. The nurse carries a heavy responsibility to provide safe, holistic, patient-centered care to every patient in his or her care.
The four elements that make up a good nurse cannot be turned off. These qualities are a part of a nurse’s everyday personality. I chose the nursing profession because I have a desire to help and care for people. It is an honorable and humbling career that I am passionate about doing the rest of my life. Nurses are the healthcare professionals most intertwined with patient care, giving the important role of caregiver, teacher, and continuous student. Everyday brings a new opportunity and
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