Persuasive Writing Process

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What are the elements of persuasive messages? Please write the three-step writing process for persuasive messages.

Persuasive Writing:
In persuasive writing the speaker tries to bring the audience around to his way of thinking. The main aim of persuasive writing is to persuade.
Key Points
• Persuasive writing includes a different point of view, reasons, and validation or justification
• In persuasive writing, the speaker has a different point of view and tries to convince you to change yours
• The speaker gives clarifies his point of view and ask you to take a stand and do something about the situation (this is called a call-to-action).
In what circumstance is Persuasive Writing used
• Opinion and editorial newspaper pieces
• Advertisements
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What are the characteristics of effective Oral Reports?

An oral report can be of two types: an Informal Oral Report or a Formal Oral Report.

An oral report delivered to a small group of listeners in a relaxed setting and which has a high degree of audience interaction is called an Informal Oral Report. This type of a report is mostly impromptu in nature.

A Formal Oral Report can be distinguished by its format, which is usually agreed-upon. These reports are usually prepared before the meeting, the details of which are checked and rechecked before the final presentation. In a formal oral report situation, your tone and body language needs to convey a positive vibe. Audience interaction is limited to the question and answer session at the conclusion of the meeting.

Making a good oral presentation is an art that involves attention to the needs of your audience, careful planning, attention to delivery and choice of appropriate
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It makes the report more lively and helps to retain the audience’s attention for a longer timeframe.

If the topic being discussed is complex and the speaker is uncertain about the audience’s knowledge level on the particular topic, visual aids should be used to explain the topic that would be difficult to follow through speech alone.

It is very important to choose the right visual aid. It should be tailored to suit the targeted audience. The different type of visual aids are overhead projectors and power point presentations. Other visual aids can also include objects, handouts, images and demonstrations. Choice of visual aids depend not only depends on the audience but also on the venue.
Example : Copies of images can be distributed when addressing a small group. However, if addressing a bigger group the image would have to be displayed on the OHP.
Visual aids are very important to an oral presentation. The speaker is also a visual for the audience. Hence the speaker should always remember to dress appropriately and practice
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